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Customer service

What is Good Customer Service? Common Misconceptions of Good Versus Bad Customer Service

On an average day, most folks will deal with a customer support representative anywhere from one to five occasions. Some customer service encounters are classified as »good » while others are disdainfully known as »bad ». If someone encounters what they’d consider good customer service, they typically just about their day as if nothing out of the ordinary occurred. If this exact same individual experiences bad customer service, they won’t be afraid to tell everybody who will listen. Typically I ignore the latter of both for one very important reason: does anybody actually know what good customer service is?

Having worked to ten years as a customer support representative and supervisor in numerous industries, I have experienced my fair share of customers who were not pleased with me. And to be totally honest, very few of them really had some cause to be upset. They called me prepared to fight.

Past Experience Can Lower Expectations

Sometimes, previous cases of truly poor customer service may leave one with a bad taste in their mouth regarding client service agents, and lead them to go on the offensive from the moment they get someone on the telephone. I’ll give you an illustration: years ago I joined a gym and signed up for some personal training sessions. After a time, I discovered that the sessions were too pricey and I didn’t have much time to attend them, so I decided to cancel the service. It took me at least an hour of dealing with the original salesman, his manager, and the general manager to finally get it resolved, and even then I needed to pay a cancellation fee. They attempted to convince me to sign up for a cheaper strategy, postpone my sessions instead of cancelling, and also take some time off from work to make more time for the sessions. Absurd.

A few weeks ago I found myself in a similar scenario with a different gym. The coach sessions weren’t going to be worth the money and were ultimately going to conflict with other things that I had going on. I called the fitness center in a foul mood since I was anticipating a fight with whomever I needed to speak with. Much to my surprise, the first person I spoke to only cancelled the sessions, no questions asked. Here I had gotten myself pumped up, ready to lay into the first man who gave me a hard time about my own cancellation, and it was to become one of my most enjoyable customer service experiences.

Customer Service Is About Perception

But often times what a client considers »bad customer service » actually isn’t bad in any way, it’s simply their understanding of this situation. The furniture market is a classic example where a customer’s misconception of what customer service is can lead to them deciding that they have received »bad customer service ».

When I worked in the furniture business I often found myself coping with people who would, shout, shout, and even insult me because of a clearly written policy in place. For instance, furniture deliveries are generally given a four hour window where the drivers will arrive. This is a business standard simply because everybody’s house is different, so there is no telling how long each delivery will require until the drivers get there. Deliveries are arranged geographically to allow the drivers to finish as many stops as possible, therefore a specific time of day isn’t guaranteed. The idea of delivery time frames and how they are scheduled was clarified to each customer since they bought their furniture and again when their delivery has been scheduled. Of course, for some clients, this just was not good enough. Despite being told two before, and with the delivery coverage attached to their sales receipt, they had it in their minds that they had been different from every other client, and may pick their period of delivery. While we had been open to the idea of trying to adapt themoften times it had been impossible when the trucks had been loaded. Those phone calls typically ended with »this is bad customer service », »I will never shop with you people again, »"this is NOT how you run a business, » or my favourite, »I’m going to tell all of my friends to not shop here. »

Common Misconceptions

There are two common misconceptions regarding what customer service really is. The first is that a client service representative’s job is to do whatever the customer says, no questions asked. This is absolutely not true. A customer service representative’s job is to give service to the customer and help them in any way they could, but like any other organization, business’s have guidelines that their employees must comply by and particular rules that apply to clients. An employee’s inability or refusal to violate these principles should never be seen as inferior customer services. In many cases, rules are set up to protect the customer. In the event of a medical supplies merchant, a large part of their items tend to be non-returnable because of hygiene reasons. If it comes to products like toilet seats, shower chairs, and bathing aids, this policy makes perfect sense. However, despite this policy being clearly posted for customers to see before purchasing the item, it doesn’t stop an alarming percent from attempting to return the items . Though they know that the item is non-returnable, and they’d never consider buying an item of the character that’s used, they still feel that the merchant should take the product back if they decide they don’t need it anymore. And in the event the retailer fails, the consumer perceives the problem as »bad customer service ».

The other misconception is that a customer service representative’s job is to take verbal abuse from the customer. This behavior is totally unwarranted, and to be entirely honest, immature. Problems are never solved by yelling, screaming, or insulting the individual on the other end of the telephone. 99 percent of the time, the person the client is speaking to isn’t at fault because they’re calling in the first location. Whether a customer has had a bad day or past bad experiences with a business, it doesn’t excuse them to take out their frustrations on the very first individual who picks up the telephone. Countless times I found myself hanging on someone because they’ve crossed the line and resorted to personally insulting me since they weren’t contented with the company.

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