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My CPN File, a new, full-serviceCPN number expert-based platform designed to help every interested U.S. Citizen legally begin a new credit file that provides them with an opportunistic lifestyle, continues to transform lives nationwide by helping people to achieve the credit they deserve with a secondary credit number.

Borne from a passion for helping people move past the trials and tribulations that come with credit scores and credit mishaps, MyCPNFile is dedicated to helping clients develop healthier relationships with their legal new credit files.

“We want to empower clients to make a significant, long-lasting lifestyle change that can give individuals the access to their financial dreams,” said Daniel Lions, Founder and Owner of My CPN File and MyCPNFile.com. “So many Americans assume today that once their credit has gone awray, that’s it forever. With My CPN File, we’re here to show clients that we’re more than just a one-time CPN credit file company – we’re here for the long haul.”


My CPN File provides clients with a new credit scoreattached to a new credit profile and better score building through new credit privacy number credit files. Additionally, they provide support and oversight to make sure clients actually understand the process along the way. By providing education, they ensure clients are knowledgeable with the credit industry, and unlikely to make a credit error down the line.

“Most companies come in, promise a new score, and leave at the end,” said Daniel Lions. “We are about sustainable relationship building so this doesn’t become a never-ending cycle for people. By working with us, clients will have access to our CPN community of agents. Spread the word on the availability of our services, and head on over to our platform today to learn more about our support team.”

“Even though there are a lot of industry terms out there people like to throw around like: New credit number, new CPN file, SCN number, legal new credit file, credit privacy number, etc. it can be confusing for the average consumer. We help dispense the confusion and drive individuals toward one successful financial direction so they can enjoy a legal new credit file for life.”

My CPN File follows a simple 3-course plan: new number, new score, and a new life.

For more information, visit: https://mycpnfile.com


Daniel Lions



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