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Service of mankind will secure leadership.

(A Conceptual-Practical Roadmap towards Stable Customer Account)


Business venture is an interactive phenomenon of interdependent individuals to attain financial benefits. The ultimate motive of a business venture or an entrepreneur is to earn profit, so that a successful business venture is evaluated on the basis of its economic returns. An economic return or profit is outcome of multiple factors such as effective entrepreneurship, efficient resource management, knowledge management, customer satisfaction , supportive government policies, and booming global conditions. These factors can be grouped into two categories – success factors & performance indicators. A success factor leads towards successful business, while a performance indicator leads towards better performance of a business. Success means profit and performance means profit level. The most inevitable success factor of a business venture is Business Location, while the vital performance indicator is Customer Care. A wrong selection of business location leads towards business closure and customer dissatisfaction means less demand or low return; the ultimate outcome of low return is business closure, too. Appropriate business location gives stability to entrepreneur, while a caring approach towards customers mean stable customer account or loyal customers. A suitable business location gives better start to a business and customer satisfaction gives long-run sustainability to a business. Moreover, a better selection of business location is helpful to meet supply constraints, while a sensible approach towards customer care is supportive to tackle demand pressures.

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