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Kingdom Of God

Worship Leading When You Just Don’t Feel Like It


Those of us who’re common worship leaders know this feeling: In morning, it’s early and you don’t really feel effectively, yet you might have a duty for the Lord, the Pastor and also the congregation to be top worship, and doing it nicely. Even profitable How To Find God face days like this, and, due to the fact I had certainly one of these on Sunday last, I’d like to encourage these of you who face the week in, week out worship major that we desperately will need to produce sure does not develop into a grind!
There are several factors why, when we face the prospect of worship major, we are able to feel down. It might be as basic as coming off a late evening, feeling tried or sick or simply plain worn out, suitable through to getting big events affecting our sense of joy, issues like marital troubles, the death of a close friend or possibly a fight with somebody within your band just ahead of you go on.

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In my case it was definitely a late evening, a trip to a nearby city which left me feeling tired, lethargic along with a bit down or depressed when it come to worship major.

Uninspired was in all probability an excellent word, and I looked around at the other folks in my worship team, realized I was going to have to carry various of these guys because their potential was not good, but then I saw a thing else. They also have been tired and lethargic. Maybe it was catching!

I prayed and asked the Lord to help, and I realized that, when we are weak, He’s strong (two Cor 12:ten). I recognized again that this entire profession of worship leading is just not about me, and how I really feel, it really is about Him! I took a very good, lengthy appear at myself, and realized that in reality I’m only a servant, not a singer, not a guitarist and absolutely not a star! I recognized that, in spite of how I felt internally, that I required to alter my attitude and continue to serve, no matter what the price.

And then the Lord started to move with good power, firstly in my personal heart, after which in the hearts of your singers and musicians. I shared my struggle with them briefly, and we paused to pray together and give the morning for the Lord. No matter whether we use our hands, feet or voices, all of us mostly use out hearts, and that is the appropriate attitude to worship major as a servant.
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And so the worship major started, and pretty much from the pretty initially note you could sense the presence of your Lord, and His delight at our change of heart, and at our selection to perform our greatest no matter what we felt at the time. In our weakness, He proved Himself strong, and we were rewarded having a excellent and really intimate time of worship leading.


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