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Plastic sheeting

Plastic Sheeting vs The Drop



You are getting ready to paint, but you know you need to protect your flooring/carpeting. What are you going to use to keep the paint off these surfaces? Let’s look at your options- the variety of drop cloths and the options in plastic sheeting.
The Drop Cloth:

There are a variety of drop cloth materials from which to chose from. There are canvas drop cloths, paper drop cloths, and butyl canvas drop cloths.


Canvas Drop Cloths: Canvas cloths come in a variety of sizes and weights (10 oz, 8 oz, 6 oz,). The canvas is usually 100% cotton canvas fabric. In a thicker version, the drop cloth will absorb small paint drops, trap dust and debris, and allow for faster clean-up. If the spill is large enough, the paint can seep through. Some stores recommend putting down plastic first, and then a drop cloth over top. Do-it-yourself painters may need a better solution as they are more prone to spills which can damage the flooring. Canvas drop cloths can be washed and reused. Canvas drop cloths are pliable and can be draped over furniture. Re-using them can save them money.

Paper Drop Cloths: Paper drop cloths are economical and can be used in a variety of places. The drawback is the fact that is isn’t tear resistant, or leak proof. After being rolled up, it will have a tendency to want to curl back up and move away from the edge of the wall when placed on the floor. If paint is spilled on it, it may not be re-usable. Paper drop cloths come in varying thicknesses or weights. They are not easily draped over objects. Paper drop cloths are popular for arts and craft project where spills are unlikely.

Butyl Canvas Drop Cloths: This drop cloth marries the absorbent canvas feature with a leak-proof layer, to stop the paint from seeping through. For messier jobs, having the plastic lining is a distinct advantage.They come in several thicknesses such as 12 oz, 9 oz, and 7 oz. This product can be washed and reused. It will drape over furniture and reportedly stay in place on the floor. It may be less expensive than 8 oz or 10 oz canvas drop cloths.

carpet pl 2.png

Plastic Sheeting for Surface Protection: sheeting plays a big role in surface protection. In many cases it is the professional tradesmen that select plastic sheeting to protect flooring, counters and the like. They understand the advantages to working with this type of plastic.
What most people don’t know is that plastic sheeting for use in remodeling and renovation work is designed specifically for the surface it is intended to protect. For example, when a painter wants to protect high end carpeting, he/she will select a USA made self-adhesive carpet plastic to do the job. This type of plastic sheeting is made with adhesive on one side of the roll, so that the plastic will adhere to the carpeting. This special plastic is so strong, that it is almost impossible to puncture. If a paint can is knocked over, there is no worry about the carpeting below.
Should the client walk on this plastic, high heels and sharp objects won’t puncture it. If a wood floors, granite flooring or others need protecting, the professional will order the product that is made specifically to protect wood floors or granite. Each type of plastic sheeting varies in thickness and adhesion levels. People who want the best for the surface that could be ruined, they will often turn to plastic sheeting that is engineered to perform on a specific surface.

The difference between this special plastic sheeting and a canvas drop cloth is that this film will stick to the surface it is protecting until it is removed. Canvas can move and allow paint to hit the carpeting if one is not careful. Plastic sheeting

To view a variety of surface protection films, click here.

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